All the benefits of Kukkutandatwak bhasma for women

ayurveda2Ayurveda is one of the ancient treatment options that are still being practiced in different parts of the world. Time has changed the therapeutic scenarios of Ayurveda according to need. Original Ayurveda has mainly used natural herbs for making ayurvedic medicines. Ayurvedic medicines are extremely powerful in curing any type of health issues from its roots. Kukkutandatwak bhasma is one of the powerful ayurvedic medicines that are mainly used for women’s health issues.

Women have different health issues than men and they need proper care and treatment to cure them. Several studies have found that women are more prone to anxiety, depression and somatic complaints than men. Other health issues that affect the women health are menopause, breast cancer and gynecological conditions such as uterine fibroid, pelvic disorder and pregnancy issues.  Antivirals or drugs are not always a right choice. They are full of toxins and chemicals as well as come up with several side effects too.

Kukkutandatwak bhasmaTreating all these women’s health issues with an ayurvedic medicine is the best option. Kukkutandatwak bhasma for women is the best ayurvedic medicine. It is prepared from chicken eggshell. A lot of women, especially in their 30s, suffer from calcium deficiency. Calcium is really essential for their body to function properly.  According to Ayurveda, Kukkutandatwak bhasma is the best calcium supplement. The eggshell is processed with changeri juice and then calcined to make it bhasma.  This process actually eliminates the impurities and toxins which make it a suitable ayurvedic medicine for human consumption. Calcination process increases the bioavailability of Kukkutandatwak bhasma in the human body.

The eggshell of Kukkutandatwak bhasma contains the uronic acid sialic acid. It also contains some natural herbal residues that help in aiding various health issues. Kukkutandatwak bhasma has various medicinal properties such as calcium supplement, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, aphrodisiac, rejuvenates the heart and has mild hematogenic properties also. It is beneficial for a number of health issues such as low bone mineral density, low backache, weakness, frequent urination, physical weakness and other women’s health issues.

-Kukkutanda-Twak-BhasmaKukkutandatwak bhasma or eggshell calcium helps to restore the mineral density and also prevents the fractures due to osteoporosis. Kukkutandatwak bhasma is really effective in treating the problems like osteoporosis and osteomalacia. The mild anti-inflammatory properties of eggshell help to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with osteoporosis. It is highly enriched with zinc, magnesium and calcium. All these nutrients are helpful in the treatment of different health issues. It gets easily absorbed because of its natural products. It is also helpful in the formation of red blood cells in women.

Kukkutandatwak bhasma is used to treat leucorrhea in women. It helps to reduce the white discharge of the inflammation of mucus membranes. White discharge is a very common problem among women in their reproductive age. There are a number of over-the-counter medications available for this health issue but they can cause a number of inconveniences during their usage. Ayurveda provides many alternatives and has been proved to act as a boon for aiding these health issues not only by curing the diseases but also by preventing their recurrences.  Kukkutandatwak bhasma helps to reduce backache, urinary tract infection, weakness, anemia and vaginal itching in women.

healthy womenSo, if you are going to try this medicine, you need to consume it in recommended dosage. The recommended dosage of Kukkutandatwak bhasma is 250 mg to 375 mg with mishri, honey or butter twice a day. You need to also consult an ayurvedic doctor before starting this ayurvedic remedy. Kukkutandatwak bhasma for women is really effective as it can cure a number of health problems related to women’s health. It provides overall health benefits such as gives you energy, stimulates your digestive system and also strengthens your immune system. This will help to fight off the infections and viruses.

You will get myriad health benefits by using Kukkutandatwak bhasma on a regular basis. It is effective for men and women both. There are no common side effects of this medicine as it is prepared through natural process and also contained natural herbs. So, if you are experiencing any of the above health issues, try Kukkutandatwak bhasma. This will improve your overall health, always give you positive results and will keep you healthy.


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