Do You Know Have Herpes?

If you are thinking that after having positive results in herpes test there is nothing left in your life, you are wrong. Yes, I know that there is nothing more shocking than knowing that you have herpes. But still at the end of the day, this is just a disease which can be managed by using certain types of home remedies. Actually there are is one way by which you can eliminate your symptoms very easily and that is zinc.

Yes, by this you can manage your symptoms. How zinc can work to cure herpes outbreaks I will tell you later but before that I want to tell you some uncanny facts about herpes. If you are thinking that I am going to tell you the same details which you have already know, you are wrong again.

As you all know that herpes is the most annoying disease and the people who are suffering from this want to know the perfect cure for this. But, unfortunately, there is no cure for herpes yet. Yes, I know there are so drugs or medicines in the market which claims that by using that medicines herpes patient can get rid of this, but, this is not true.

What Causes Herpes Infection?

Herpes is a disease which is caused by herpes simplex virus. This is the virus which causes oral herpes, genital herpes, and chickenpox or brain infection. These diseases are highly contagious and you can get this by having skin to skin contact with an infected person. If you share any personal item of an infected person, the herpes virus can get into your body.

genital herpesAfter entering into your body this virus remain inert in your immune system and can cause outbreaks time to time. Despite of a fact that this is incurable disease, you have a chance to cure the outbreaks of herpes. Herpes outbreaks are the main reason which can make more difficult for you to live with herpes. The herpes outbreaks are looks like filled fluid blisters which can be painful and itchy.

But no you don’t have to live with this pain and embarrassment because I am going to tell you a remedy which can cure this disease very effectively. The name of this remedy is zinc and by this you can cure herpes outbreaks very effectively. Zinc is a vital trace metal element that is required for human health but it is not manufactured by human body.

Zinc For Herpes Treatment

Zinc works to maintain the functions of immune system, healing process of wounds and it is very helpful in treating blood clotting. Zinc is also helpful in treating viruses including herpes. This is the most effective treatment for herpes because zinc helps your body to produce lymphocyte cells, which can reduce the herpes outbreaks and boost the immune system’s ability to fight against viruses.

zinc for herpesStudies show that zinc has the ability to inhibit the virus and stop the production of herpes outbreaks. It proves that using zinc to cure herpes outbreaks can heal the affected area almost 40 percent faster than another remedy. If we talk about researches, i can say that this is the remedy that can cure oral herpes and genital herpes both effectively.

So based on researches I can say that you can use zinc freely for herpes cure because this is one of the best treatment which is not tested but also safe. If you want you can get zinc from the food you eat or zinc supplements.  Due to its fact that zinc comes in different form you can use this in several ways.

Sources of Zinc for herpes

You can buy this as cream form, capsule and by foods. It is said that cream form is more popular to cure herpes outbreaks. Applying cream on the affected area is one of the best ways to stop the outbreak from occurring. There are so many supplements which contain zinc but there is no prove that taking oral supplement can cure herpes outbreaks or not.

This is the most effective treatment by which you can get general health, strong immune system and it also helpful to fighting off viruses. According to studies you can eat following foods because these foods contain a great amount of zinc.

  • BeefAvocado
  • Crab
  • Pork
  • Oysters
  • Avocado
  • Spinach
  • Chocolate and garlic

So these are some points which describe that using zinc to cure herpes outbreaks is the best option. Because this is natural so the chances of getting side effects from this is quite impossible. If you know anyone who is suffering from herpes outbreaks, tell that person to use zinc rather than any medicine.

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