Natural Supplements For Treating High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure measures the force exerted by blood against the arteries. It stretches the tissue that makes up the wall of arteries. It is found that when you avoid animal fats and added oils, the blood becomes less viscous. It is less thick. It becomes more like water and less like grease. It means that it flows easily through the arteries. The heart no longer has to push hard to keep the blood moving. Plant based foods are naturally rich in potassium and low in sodium, fat and cholesterol.
The diet and exercise are the most right tactics to lower the blood pressure. Some herbs and supplements are useful to lower down the blood pressure. There are several natural remedies to lower down the blood pressure.


cinnamon for high blood pressureIt helps to bring down the blood pressure. Cinnamon can also cut insulin resistance. It works directly on the muscle cells to force them to remove sugar from the bloodstream. The regular intake of cinnamon may also help to mitigate the effects of high fat meals by showing the increase in blood sugar levels. Cinnamon has antifungal, antibacterial and even antiviral properties. It helps to cut the blood pressure in people with diabetes. We can include the cinnamon in the diet by sprinkling it in the breakfast cereal, oatmeal and even in the coffee.


flaxseeds for high blood pressureIt is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are used to lower down the blood pressure. It protects you against the atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease by reducing serum cholesterol. It is useful for blood pressure reduction. The oils in flaxseed are highly unsaturated; they are more susceptible for oxidation. Flaxseed has a nutty flavor.


garlic for high blood pressuregarlic has been use for many purposes including treatment of heart disease. It is used by many to lower down the blood pressure.  Allicin is highly unstable and reactive compound in garlic. It is an active ingredient associated with garlic’s blood pressure lowering the effect, especially on those who have high blood pressure. It is found through research that the higher the starting blood pressure, greater the reduction in the blood pressure after treatment with garlic will be. Raw, fresh or dried garlic may give you most of the allicin. Garlic reduces the blood pressure levels by increasing the dilution of blood vessels and reducing peripheral vascular resistance. The garlic hypertensive value is related to its ability to prevent the digestive system from turning fat into cholesterol.


hawthorn for high blood pressureit is an herbal remedy for high blood pressure. It is used to treat heart disease as well. Hawthorn is a common thorny shrub in the rose family. It is grown in small white, red or pink clusters. Hawthorn leaves are shiny and grow in variety of shapes and sizes. It has many substances that may help the heart. The oxidants flavonoid helps us to dilate blood vessels, improve blood flow and protect blood vessels from damage. It helps in reducing the blood pressure, the prevention of clot formation and an increase in blood circulation.


ginger for high blood pressureIt helps to control the blood pressure. It is helpful in improving the blood circulation and relaxes the muscles surrounding blood vessels. It is very versatile ingredient that is also used in sweets and beverages. It is useful not only in blood pressure but in the treatment of other disease too.


French lavender- 

French lavender for high blood pressureOil of lavender has long been used as perfume ingredient and helps us to induce relaxation. The extracts of French lavender are hypertensive and works similar to acetylcholine. It helps in lowering the blood sugar and boosting the memory that has been affected by the high blood pressure. The French lavender is used as culinary herb and its flowers are use in baked food. Lavender oil has been used since ancient times as an ingredient in perfumes and to promote relaxation of senses. The benefits of this herb is that it can cut the blood pressure. The leaves of lavender are similar as rosemary.

Celery seed- 

Celery seed for high blood pressureIt is a type of herb used as flavoring agent in soups and many other dishes. It is very effective in treating the blood pressure. The seeds and the juice of the plant can be used as remedy to cut the blood pressure. The celery has diuretic properties that are useful in lowering the blood pressure. It has been widely used for treatment of hypertension. It also has cardio protective properties. The celery seeds can be used to extract the juice that helps to cut the blood pressure levels.


basil for high blood pressureIt is delicious herb that blends well with many foods. It is very often used in variety of cuisines. It has well-known medicinal properties. It helps in lowering the blood pressure numbers. It has been demonstrated that extract of the herb reduces the blood pressure. The plant of basil has iron, calcium, vitamins A, C and zinc. It can be used for upset stomachs, headaches and the common cold. It is an effective complementary treatment for high blood pressure.

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